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  • RFC 1750 (Randomness Recommendations for Security, December 1994)
  • RFC 1969 (The PPP DES Encryption Protocol [DESE], June 1996)
  • RFC 1984 (IAB and IESG Statement on Cryptographic Technology and the Internet, August 1996)
  • RFC 2040 (The RC5, RC5-CBC, RC5-CBC-Pad, and RC5-CTS Algorithms, October 1996)
  • RFC 2104 (HMAC: Keyed-Hashing for Message Authentication, February 1997)
  • RFC 2144 (The CAST-128 Encryption Algorithm. May 1997)
  • RFC 2268 (A Description of the RC2 Encryption Algorithm, March 1998)
  • RFC 2401 (Security Architecture for the Internet Protocol, November 1998)
  • RFC 2406 (IP Encapsulating Security Payload [ESP], November 1998)
  • RFC 2411 (IP Security Document Roadmap, November 1998)
  • RFC 2451 (The ESP CBC-Mode Cipher Algorithm, November 1998)
  • RFC 2612 (The CAST-256 Encryption Algorithm, June 1999)
  • RFC 2628 (Simple Cryptographic Program Interface [Crypto API], June 1999)
  • RFC 2984 (Use of the CAST-128 Encryption Algorithm in CMS, October 2000)
  • RFC 2994 (A Description of the MISTY1 Encryption Algorithm, November 2000)

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