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Storage Management Systems

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Storage management systems consist of data storage devices and storage management software that provide online and near-line access to data, as well as archival storage of data. A typical system consists of online hard disk storage, writable optical disks, and tape backup systems. As data on hard drives becomes old or falls into disuse, it is transferred to near-line optical disk storage where it is still readily available if necessary. After a certain time, near-line data that is no longer used may be transferred to tape backup systems and archived. Because data is moved to a hierarchy of devices, these systems are usually called HSM (hierarchical storage management) systems.

Note that HSM systems that send data to slower tape and optical systems have fallen out of favor due to price declines in magnetic storage. It now makes sense to build large storage systems, including RAID systems, and keep everything online. In addition, many enterprise, are taking advantage of managed storage services offered by SSPs (storage service providers). See "SSP (Storage Service Provider)" and "Outsourcing."

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