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Differentiated Services (Diff-Serv)
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Internet RFCs:

  • RFC 2430 ( A Provider Architecture for Differentiated Services and Traffic Engineering (PASTE), October 1998)
  • RFC 2474 (Definition of the Differentiated Services Field (DS Field) in the IPv4 and IPv6 Headers, December 1998)
  • RFC 2475 (An Architecture for Differentiated Service, December 1998)
  • RFC 2490 (A Simulation Model for IP Multicast with RSVP, January 1999)
  • RFC 2597 (Assured Forwarding PHB Group, June 1999)
  • RFC 2598 (An Expedited Forwarding PHB, June 1999)
  • RFC 2638 (A Two-bit Differentiated Services Architecture for the Internet, July 1999)
  • RFC 2697 (A Single Rate Three Color Marker, September 1999)
  • RFC 2698 (A Two Rate Three Color Marker. J. Heinanen, R. Guerin. September 1999)
  • RFC 2836 (Per Hop Behavior Identification Codes, May 2000)
  • RFC 2859 (A Time Sliding Window Three Colour Marker (TSWTCM), June 2000)
  • RFC 2873 (TCP Processing of the IPv4 Precedence Field, June 2000)
  • RFC 2963 (A Rate Adaptive Shaper for Differentiated Services, October 2000)
  • RFC 2983 (Differentiated Services and Tunnels, October 2000)
  • RFC 2990 (Next Steps for the IP QoS Architecture, November 2000)
  • RFC 2998 (A Framework for Integrated Services Operation over Diffserv Networks, November 2000)
  • RFC 3086 (Definition of Differentiated Services Per Domain Behaviors and Rules for their Specification, April 2001)
  • RFC 3140 (Per Hop Behavior Identification Codes, June 2001)

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