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LocalTalk is a LAN (local area network) protocol that defines AppleTalk packet transmission over a 230.4-Kbit/sec cabling system. LocalTalk was originally called AppleTalk, but Apple changed the name in 1989 to LocalTalk. Apple Computer's network architecture is now called AppleTalk, and it includes the protocols that operate over LocalTalk physical networks.

The original LocalTalk system was primarily designed for the attachment of a few Macintosh computers to an Apple LaserWriter printer. Transmission speeds of LocalTalk are very low (230.4 Kbits/sec), but LocalTalk is important because most Macintosh computers have LocalTalk support built in. LocalTalk is a physical bus topology that is wired with twisted-pair telephone wire in a daisy-chain configuration. The total length of the network cannot exceed 1,000 feet, but additional networks can be attached using repeaters, bridges, or routers. Up to 32 nodes can be attached to a network segment, but performance degrades rapidly on busy networks of 20 or more nodes.

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