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The bindery is a database file in the NetWare network operating systems for versions previous to NetWare 3.x. It holds security, accounting, and name management information for the server on which NetWare is installed. Because NetWare servers that use binderies still exist in many environments, newer versions of NetWare provide bindery emulation to support them. NDS (Novell Directory Services) replaced the bindery in later versions of NetWare, although the bindery is still supported.

Every pre-NetWare 3.x server maintains its own bindery. The bindery contains object records. Objects are server entities, such as users, groups, and the server name. Objects have attributes, called properties, such as passwords, account restrictions, account balances, group membership, and so on. Properties have values, which are kept in a separate but related file.

For more information about the NetWare network operating system, see "Novell NetWare."

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