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Serial Communication and Interfaces
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Note: Many topics at this site are reduced versions of the text in "The Encyclopedia of Networking and Telecommunications." Search results will not be as extensive as a search of the book's CD-ROM.

Related Entries

Asynchronous Communications

Bell Modem Standards


Data Communication Concepts

Data Link Protocols

DTE (Data Terminal Equipment)

EIA (Electronic Industries Alliance)

Error Detection and Correction

Fibre Channel


Framing in Data Transmissions

Full-Duplex Transmissions

HDLC (High-level Data Link Control)

HIPPI (High-Performance Parallel Interface)

HSSI (High-Speed Serial Interface)


Infrared Technologies

LAP (Link Access Procedure)

Link Aggregation

LLC (Logical Link Control)

LVDS (Low-Voltage Differential Signaling)


Multiplexing and Multiplexers

Network Architecture

Network Connection Technologies

Parallel Interface

Point-to-Point Communications

PPP (Point-to-Point Protocol)

SCSI (Small Computer System Interface)

SDLC (Synchronous Data Link Control)


SLIP (Serial Line Internet Protocol)

SSA (Serial Storage Architecture)

Switch Fabrics and Bus Design

Synchronous Communications

USB (Universal Serial Bus)

Web Links
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TAL Technologies "Introduction to Serial Communication" (see TechDesk)

RAD Data Communications RS-232 tutorial

Optimized Engineering RS-232 tutorial

Cisco Documentation: Troubleshooting Serial Line Problems

TechFest information about protocols that use serial communications

DCB (Data Comm for Business) papers about serial connectivity

Craig Peacock's Beyond Logic site (see Serial/RS-232 Interfacing section)

PCGuide (see troubleshooting and repair section)

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